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I am 7th Generation in the Australian Cattle Industry. I grew up on a cattle station in North Queensland. My husband and I run a Livestock Agency (hence the reference to mobile phones)as well as a small hobby farm with our two young children.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Soooo, the kids go and let the chooks out of the pen yesterday afternoon and came flying back to tell me gleefully that one was dead. Yuck, and of course Shane wasn't going to be home until after dark so I had to deal with it. YUCK. So, I went down to the pen on the 4 wheeler with and old cloth nappy (thanks to the cotton farmers who grew the cotton to keep my babies bums covered and now the nappies make the best rags out) to dispose of the corpse. It was stiff. YUCK. So I wrap the nappy around the chooks leg and pick it up and eewww gross, it legs went crackcrackcrickcrackcrrriiiiiicccckkkkkkkk. YUCK!!!!! gah yuck. Put it on the back of the bike and went up the paddock and hoiked the bloody thing into the long grass. Only bought the bloody thing on Friday so that was a waste of $25!


  1. Hehehehe! My kids are so funny like that too! If someone had told me 10 years ago I'd have 3 kids who relished being covered in kangaroo blood whilst feeding the dogs some meat. LOVE IT!

  2. So glad there was no photo with this post!

  3. Ewww ... I remember when a fox got into the chooks down home and killed most of them while no one else was home ... I know what you mean YUCK!