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I am 7th Generation in the Australian Cattle Industry. I grew up on a cattle station in North Queensland. My husband and I run a Livestock Agency (hence the reference to mobile phones)as well as a small hobby farm with our two young children.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

You Comfy?

As I've mentioned in the "About Me" section, my husband Shane is a Livestock Agent.  It's like being a Real Estate Agent, except he buys and sells cattle on behalf of clients (NOT try and find cattle acting jobs like one comment I've previously recieved).  Being an "agent" means that he spends lots of time on the phone.  Lots and lots of time (what did agents do before mobile phones I often wonder).  He is also a smoker but I hate that so he is NOT allowed to smoke around the house, I banish him over to the sheds.  His favourite "perch" while sitting and yarning is on the tail gate of my ute.  But the other day he added a variation to this, I had two bags of horse feed sitting in the back waiting for him to take them out for me.  I looked out Saturday morning to see this:

Needless to say, he didn't move the bags of horse feed....


  1. LOL: Love the thought of a livestock agent trying to secure lucrative film roles for cows!!! And can absolutely empathise about the phone gig, Lordy I've spent some time standing in the yards, kicking dirt waiting for my beloved to tear the phone from his ear. How did people ever function without mobile phones. I know I'd love to give it a go!

  2. HAHAHA Fiona, I know exactly what you mean about the waiting. I love going to places where there is NO MOBILE COVERAGE! I think he may have even been talking to your beloved at around the time picture was taken, they were "doing business" Saturday morning,