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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Remind Shane Knuth and Robbie Katter What's Important to YOU!

Currently it looks like that the KAP members, Shane Knuth (Dalrymple) and Robbie Katter (Mt Isa) may be called upon to support one of the major parties to form a Government.

Given that Dalrymple and Mt Isa are made up of mostly rural communities supported by farmers, we thought it might be a good time to remind Mr Knuth and Mr Katter of what's important to US as rural Queenslanders.  I know that every one is short of time, so with some amazing input from a bunch of great farmers and supporters, I've done up a bit of a form email that you can just copy and paste into a new email and send it to the two KAP elects.  Please feel free to change to how you see fit AND PASS IT AROUND.  It will only take two minutes but could change the course of our future.
Don't forget to sign it with your own names/business/property name.

You don't need to be in Dalrymple or Mt Isa, this decision will impact on the whole of Rural Qld!


Shane Knuth: dalrymple@parliament.qld.gov.au
Robbie Katter: mount.isa@parliament.qld.gov.au

Dear Mr Katter and Mr Knuth

Congratulations on your exceptional wins throughout your electorates of Mt Isa and Dalrymple in the State Elections.  The people in your electorates have spoken clearly of their faith in you.

As we move through this week of uncertainty we may find that you, our Members of Parliament, have a very strong say in the future of not only our regions, but the future of Queensland as a whole.

As a rural Queenslander I ask that should this major decision be made by you both, that you don’t forget your constituents at this time

Given that your electorates are made up solely of rural communities supported largely by agricultural businesses, we hope that you remember this, should the balance of power boil down to your decision.

As you both know and are often strong voices about the issue, farmers have been at breaking point.  You only need to look across Social Media or talk to any farmer or agricultural business owner; they are terrified of the next three years.  Just as we were starting to feel more secure with some rain, high prices and a very strong live export market, we are now devastated to think that we will be once again wrapped up in unprogressive and restrictive legislation, particularly with vegetation management, the proposed animal  welfare advisory board, water security and property rights.

I fear that this will break many farmers, so many are already talking of selling up since last night.  A wrong decision could break the spirit of so many of us, when failed markets, disease, drought and rural debt couldn’t.   If by any chance that you were to side with the ALP they MUST drop the policies that will be truly detrimental to already struggling farmers.

We are crying out for real leadership and advocates for the bush and trust that you gentleman will remember your constituents and their communities and families in your decision making.
We trust that you will work to create a stable government and fight and advocate for rural Queensland's needs.  


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